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Valentine's Day Mirror

Sunburst mirror stuck on large mirror using Command strips with Valentines Day decor

Casse, Hi, Sugarplum!

Celebrate St. Valentine's Day by showcasing your cards. A starburst mirror works really well to hold cards, pictures and love notes. Complete the look by adding a Valentine's Day garland.

Materials needed:

NOTE: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

command strip stuck to large mirror


1. Layering a small starbust mirror over an existing large, flat mirror, adds depth and interest. Be sure that the original large mirror is securely fastened to the wall before starting the project. Clean the large mirror with isopropyl alcohol, wipe gently and let dry. 

starburst mirror stuck to a flat mirror using Command strips

2. Remove the red liner to be adhered to the Command™ Sawtooth Sticky Nail Hanger and press the adhesive to the back of the sticky nail. Remove the black liner and press the sticky nail firmly to the large mirror for 30 seconds, and wait one hour before hanging.

command strip stuck to large mirror

3. After one hour, hang the starburst mirror from the Command™ Sawtooth Sticky Nail Hanger. Stabilizer Strips can also be applied by adhering to the back of the mirror. Hang the mirror from the Command™ Sawtooth Sticky Nail Hanger, straighten the mirror as needed, and press on each set of Stabilizer Strips firmly for 30 seconds.

back of sunburst mirror with 2 stabilizer strips attached

4.Insert Valentine cards in the spokes of the starburst mirror.

hand placing valentines decor in a mirror

5. To create a "Be Mine" garland, cut out block letters out of red felt and attach them to a long ribbon. To create the red heart burlap garland, cut out triangles from red burlap(or you can paint the burlap in any colour you like), paint a pink heart in the centre of each triangle and glue to the twine.

sunburst mirror with valentines day decor stuck on larger mirror using Command strips with hanging garland below

6. To hang garlands, adhere Command™Clear Mini Hooks to both sides of the wall or the frame or the larger mirror and tie the end of garlands to the hooks.

two hands tying end of garland to hooks on the frame of the larger mirror