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Mudroom Organization - Grand Central Station

various objects mounted on a wall using Command products

Command™ Brand

The mudroom can sometimes feel like Grand Central Station. Keep it organized and add a personal touch too! Hang signs and clocks from cities that mean something special to the family.

Materials needed:

NOTE: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

Command Forever Classic Metal Hook attatched to a white wall


1. To make the city signs that will hang above each clock, paint both sides of the wooden plaques with black craft paint (as Command™ Hooks need to be adhered to finished wood). Paint the small wood discs with white craft paint, which will be numbered and hang above the Command™ Forever Classic Metal Hooks to hold house keys. Let dry, then sand edges of each piece with sandpaper to create a distressed look.

a paintbrush, paint bottles and pieces of wood laying on a white background

2. On your computer, type out the names of the cities you want to designate for each clock, as well as numbers for each of the wooden discs. Choose cities that have special meaning to you, such as foreign cities you’ve visited and the town or city you currently live in.


3. Lay transfer paper, colour side down, onto each painted plaque. Print out each city name onto computer paper, lay it centered on top of the plaque and tape it down to secure in place. Using a pencil, trace the outline of the letters. Remove the transfer paper to reveal the transferred image of the letters.

the word Paris printed onto white transfer paper and on a painted wooden plaque

4. Using a small tip paintbrush, fill in each letter with white paint, and let dry.

city names painted in white on 3 black painted plaques

5. Repeat the same process for each of the numbers. (I suggest using graphite transfer paper so the transfer will show up on the white surface.) Paint the numbers with black paint and let dry. Clean the back of each city plaque, clock and numbered disc with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and let dry.

printed number, graphite transfer paper and a pencil on a white background

6. For each clock and number sign, you will need one set of Command™ Picture Hanging Strips. For each city plaque, you will need two sets of Command™ Picture Hanging Strips . To make a set, simply attach two strips together until they snap.

a Command Picture Hanging strip being peeled back

7. When hanging the clocks, number signs and plaques, remove one green liner from the Command™ Picture Hanging Strips and attach one set to each side on the back of the item. Remove the other green liner from the Command™ Picture Hanging Strips and press it into place on the wall firmly for 30 seconds.

2 black clocks mounted with Command Picture Hanging Strips

8. Remove the clocks and plaques from the wall by slowly pulling each item from the bottom and pulling straight towards you. Press firmly on all the strips for 30 seconds to ensure proper adhesion. Wait one hour to re-mount, pressing the fasteners together until they click. To create the hook and frame area of the wall, clean the wall area using isopropyl alcohol, wipe gently and let dry.


9. Use Command™ Picture Hanging Strips to hang the empty frame, and attach to the wall using the same process as above for the clocks and plaques. To hang the three Command™ Double Hooks to the wall in the center of the frame, remove the red liner from the adhesive strip and press the hook firmly to the wall for 30 seconds. For maximum holding strength, slide the hook up and off the wall, and press the base to the wall firmly for 30 seconds.

Command Picture Hanging Strips on the back of a wooden plaque

10. Repeat this process for all three hooks. Slide the hooks back on their bases and wait one hour before hanging umbrellas, scarves, hats, etc.

a finger pressing down on a Command Picture Hanging Strip

11. Use additional Command Brand Products to build out the Grand Central Station projects. The more wall space you have, the more you can hang!

various objects mounted on a white wall using Command products