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  • Personalize your Gallery Wall - Tips from home decor and DIY influencers

    Personalize your Gallery Wall - Tips from home decor and DIY influencers

    Here are some different ways you can decorate around a DIY art project and really own the trend.

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  • DIY Acrylic Pour Painting

    DIY Acrylic Pour Painting

    With this DIY acrylic pour, you can create a piece of art that looks intricate but hardly takes any time.

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  • DIY Geometric Painting

    DIY Geometric Painting

    Add some shape and colour to your wall with this minimalist DIY geometric painting.

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  • DIY Paint Scrape Abstract Art

    DIY Paint Scrape Abstract Art

    Creating your own canvas can add a unique piece to your décor no one will have because you made it yourself!

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  • Flexible Bedroom Decor Solutions

    Flexible Bedroom Decor Solutions

    Command Brand™ Picture Hanging Strips, Hangers and Hooks allow you to mix and match items with ease.

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  • Staircase Collage

    Staircase Collage

    Create an elegant, welcoming space above your staircase that reflects your style using framed family photos and other decorative items such as a monogram letter, wreath and decorative plaques.

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  • Light Up Your Life

    Light Up Your Life

    Get creative with custom lighting for your space.

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  • Unique Gallery Wall

    Unique Gallery Wall

    This project involves applying a face decal to a wall and then mounting picture frames around it to look like hair using Command™ Picture Hanging Strips - how creative.

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  • Cozy Reading Nook

    Cozy Reading Nook

    Decorate your reading nook with artwork and wall décor, with our damage-free picture hanging products. Picture ledges help create a modern look on your wall, without damaging your wall.

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  • Valentine's Day Frame Gallery

    Valentine's Day Frame Gallery

    Create a beautiful focal point for any room or hallway with this frame gallery project. Easy to update for any celebration or season!

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